Kodak Reflex

Manufactured : 1946-49
Lens : Anastigmat 80mm f/3.5
Shutter : Flash Kodamatic
Quantity Made :
Original List Price : $100
Film Size : 620
Negative Size : 6x6cm
A true twin-lens reflex with most of the features to be expected from this style of camera. The taking lens is gear coupled to the finder lens and focusses down to 3.5 feet. The waistlevel viewfinder is very clear and bright. Operation of the shutter, which is speeded from 1/2 sec to 1/200 sec, is a little unusual, in that the operating lever below the lens to the right is moved up to cock the shutter, then down to release it. Flash is provided by a recessed coaxial bayonet connector on the left-hand side.